by Chisara Agor

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The Air We Live In is an inter-disciplinary project linking music, film and art installation. The project seeks to raise awareness of air pollution in the UK and the drastic affects it has on people and the planet. Most importantly, it aims to highlight Climate Justice where class, race and politics intersect to recognise that “In most cases it is people of colour who will lose their lives as weather combines with inequality” – Climate Change is Racist 2021

Millions of people live without access to green space combine this with rampant inequality, structural racism and a mental health crisis climate change and pollution can be catastrophic for all, including those living on the fringes of society. Exposure to toxic fumes such as Nitrogen Dioxide and PM2.5 fine particles can lead to the development of asthma and chronic illness. Poor air quality stunts the growth of children’s lungs, creates new lung conditions and worsens existing chronic illnesses such as asthma, lung and heart disease.

A sweeping and pulsing soundscape of electronic and acoustic syncopated beats and rhythms, reflecting the natural and industrial environment. Sampled audio from the close environment and news clips discussing climate justice and pollution. Moving between and blending genres such as, sound art, dub, jazz, with choral and orchestral elements and poetry.

A 12 min short film, using performance and costume to explore the concept of climate justice, air pollution and the wider conflict between communities of colour, corporations and the ramifications of industry and consumption.

This combination of music and film will be installed in a dome structure, that in essence becomes a living sculpture. This structure will be a multi-dimensional space, a place for film, sound but also a space for artists, activists and the local community to gather for debate, reflection and a space to breathe clean air. Placing this installation in areas of high air pollution the installation aims to cleanse the air around it, covered in a plants and greenery that absorb NO2 particles and cleanse carbon dioxide. Link to Sample: Figure 1 Editorial shot from filming day. Costume design by Chisara Agor, photography by Chisara Agor Figure 2 Artist Interpretation of the installation view.

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